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Bluetooth Ver: Bluetooth 4.1
Transmit Power: +7.5dB
Receiver sensitivity: -96dB
Antenna: Chip or U.FL
Consumption: 16mA@0dB
Analogue I/O: 3 Chanel  10bits ADC
Power Supply: 1.8V-3.6V
Dimension: 47.3*30.2*15mm
Certifications: BQB,FCC,CE,NCC,KC,SRRC,Rohs

EH-MEVK-MC10 development board is based on the EH-MC10 module development Kit, which helps customers to implement BLE product design quickly and easily.

Development board includes LED display, buttons, buzzer, button battery base, AIO, PWM, SPI and I2C interface. With module's PWM, LED display, buzzer, PIO10 and PIO11 could be controled by mobile phone APP, to modify various parameters. The expansion I2C interface could collect the sensor data.

Cusotmers could download the Ehong App to the mobile phone, to receive and send data for IOS and Android phone, to confirgure the setting (see the user guider). It's easy for customer to develop their own BLE software, and then update the new software to the module via air updating.

Document Download

Document Download


EH-MC16 Datasheet V1.5.pdf
EH-MC16 Development Kit Datesheet V1.1.pdf
EH-MC16 Command Interface User Guide-V1.0.pdf
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