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What factors affect the actual transmission distance of the module

The ideal transmission distance of the module is quite different from the actual transmission distance, because the wireless module will be interfered by many factors in practical application, which will affect its actual transmission distance.If we want the wireless module to have a good actual transmission distance, we need to avoid obstacles in the transmission process when using it


General module manufacturer in the specification brochure said transmission distance, the distance is an empty module manufacturers use of the environment is pure, obstacles and less electromagnetic interference, and customers generally use environment there are all kinds of interference, resulting in the error rate data transmission, check is not normal, so distance shortened.

Using environment, between modules have obstacles such as tall buildings or trees shade, the structure of the reinforced concrete will signal block, the wireless module on the market at present and obstacle avoidance ability is not strong, therefore, affect the wireless module communication distance.


Antenna is one of the reasons that affect the communication transmission distance. Selecting high gain antenna can make the distance transmission far.Also, the antenna is set at a height higher than the ground which is good for the ideal distance.

Power supply problems can also affect transmission distances.For example, some users use batteries, battery voltage drop in use process, distance would also be affected, while others use power supply, but current is not large enough to use up to the transmission distance is also influential.


Most wireless module rate can be change, parameters, such as product manufacturers specifications will show different rates of the communication distance, but some users don't notice that suggested that the users in the use of modules as far as possible use lower rate.

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