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Function and function of bluetooth anti-loss device

Headphones, bluetooth speakers, you've all heard of that, so have you heard of bluetooth lost-proofing? Put the bluetooth protector on the object you want to track, and you can track what you want to track through your phone's bluetooth pairing.One of the most irritating aspects of the iFind is its ability to last without charging it.


In terms of functionality, iFind is similar to the trackers available on the market.Users can put iFind on or post it on important items that need to be tracked, and then pair it with their mobile phone via bluetooth to track and reverse the important items.

One of the great things about the iFind is that it's really free of charge., according to the iFind the air around us is full of countless electromagnetic waves, such as mobile phone signals, television, radio, etc., all of these can be collected, as driving current intelligent hardware.IFind USES this technology.When the iFind receives a bluetooth instruction from the phone, the electromagnetic signal itself can be converted into electricity for use or storage next time.That way, the user doesn't have to charge the device and, of course, saves the cost of replacing the battery.


The research and development team of iFind, a texas-based company called WeTag, has several Chinese members.The WeTag team is proficient in implantable devices and wireless systems, and some of the team members have over 30 years of experience in the field of electronic integrated circuits.

IFind is currently launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise more than $140,000 in 10 days and is expected to go public in the U.S. this fall.At present, more well-known trackers such as Bringrr, WiseButton and TreasureTag are generally priced at around $30, while iFind crowdfunding prices are as low as $14 to $16, which is competitive in price.

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