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What are the advantages of bluetooth 4.0BLE modules

4.0ble module is a new technology. Compared with the original bluetooth technology, it is more energy efficient and convenient. It can be widely used in various fields.The energy saving technology of bluetooth 4.0BLE module enables it to be applied in various environments, thus promoting the development of various fields.Moreover, bluetooth 4.0BLE module is small in size and convenient for people to use.


Version 4.0 enhances bluetooth's low power performance in data transmission.Low-power versions allow bluetooth technology to reach emerging markets powered by button batteries.Bluetooth low energy technology is based on the bluetooth low energy wireless technology upgrade of the core specification, for pioneering clocks, remote control, medical care and the application of the large emerging markets such as motion sensors.

The technology will be used in hundreds of millions of bluetooth phones, personal computers and hand-held computers sold each year.Provide lasting wireless connection with minimum energy consumption, effectively expand the coverage distance of relevant application products, and open up new network services.Low-energy wireless technology is characterized by ultra-low peak period, average value and standby energy consumption.The HIDs features low cost and lightness.


It also minimizes the cost and size of mobile phones and pc-related accessories.Beyond global applicability, it is more intuitive and ensures interoperability across multiple device connections.Bluetooth 4.0BLE module has a great influence on personal fitness and health market.Whether it's on a treadmill or a gadget in the office.In addition, bluetooth 4.0 is still downward compatible, including the classic bluetooth technical specification and the bluetooth high-speed technical specification with a maximum speed of 24Mbps.The three technical specifications can be used separately or simultaneously.

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