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SIG Mesh is Issued

On July 19, 2017, SIG announced officially,Bluetooth (Bluetooth ®) technology begin to support Mesh Mesh network fully.New Mesh provides many-to-many transmission equipment, and enhancecommunication efficiency of the construction of a wide range of networkcoverage, which is suitable for building automation, wireless sensor networks,where need to make tens of thousands of equipment under the environment ofreliability and safety of transmission of IOT solutions.

CEO of SIG, Mark Powell said: "thefunction of Mesh network supporting, is the symbol of the members of thebluetooth has been committed to promote the prosperity long tradition in thedevelopment of emerging markets. As the introduction of low power consumptionbluetooth technology to take the rapid growth for the connection device market,we believe that the bluetooth Mesh network technology will play an importantforce in the emerging markets, drastically help building automation, wirelesssensor network (WSN) to obtain a rapid growth.”

It is the main market opportunity of wirelessnetworking technology and the unique point of bluetooth Mesh to provide realindustrial level solutions for commercial buildings and factory automationapplications connectivity come together, the market grows moreprosperous.

Reliability: an inherent self-healing networkthat avoids single point of failure to affect the connection quality of theentire network.

Extensibility: supports thousands of nodes toprovide industrial-grade performance.

Safety: provides industrial safety protectionagainst all known attacks.

The global interoperability provided bybluetooth Mesh will ensure that products from different brands can worktogether.

Full-stack solution: adopt a unique all-stackmethod, which is fully defined from low-end radio-frequency to high-endapplication layer, thus ensuring the complete specification of all aspects oftechnology.

Interoperability is the centralspecification: a comprehensive multi-brand interoperability test is done in thespecification development process, rather than being tested after thespecification is released.

Time-tested tools and processes: thebluetooth technology alliance has been providing sophisticated certificationtools and processes for 20 years to ensure interoperability between globalbrands.

Mr.Russ Sharer, VP of Fulham,LED leader ofthe United States, said: “the main factor of market development speed is theinteroperability between multiple brands. We have many brands to be able to seethe interoperability wireless telecommunication standard lighting control feltso excited, believe bluetooth Mesh technology launch will for the most part toexpand the size of the lighting market and the functional one.”

The selection of network technology is a bigdecision for any developer, and also an important factor for the success of thesolution. By selecting bluetooth Mesh technology for networking, developers canbuild richer solutions to faster product launch times.

Value-added service: the Mesh network builtby bluetooth technology has additional services such as material tracking andguidance.

Mature ecosystem: the bluetooth ecosystemprovides the best technology and technology development environment, as well asthe tools and services that can shorten the time to market.

Global brand awareness: bluetooth is atrusted global brand that represents a simple, secure wireless connection.

CTO & CEO of Poland Silvair intelligentlighting company, as well as chairman of the working group of SIG Mesh, Mr.Szymon Slupik said: "in the intelligent building automation market, moreand more attention to interconnection lighting, and the role of the automatedservice platform offers. The intelligent lighting platform based on wirelessMesh network, especially its landmark for material tracking, (point ofinterest) and guidance services support additional features, is one of theimportant reasons, we choose to bluetooth technology"

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