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Ehong is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to

the design, production, testing and technical support of Bluetooth modules and AWS Alexa solutions.

We work with you from the beginning of your project, creating a bespoke product
strategy to suit your unique needs. Using proven methodologies, we uncover product and market insights that will help both you and our team make informed decisions throughout the entire product development process.

Our design research, testing and validation is the guide to crafting the ideal product development strategy for each and every project.

Ehong Driving innovation together with Qualcomm
Ehong and Qualcomm provide comprehensive solutions for Amazon's smart home system
EH-VX01, MCU-Based Solution
for Alexa™ Voice Service
Strategy Partner for BLE Module: Nordic Semiconductor and Ehong Technology
Ehong, a SIG member
Bluetooth 5: Go Faster, Go Further
Alibaba Builds a Smart Home Ecosystem with Bluetooth Mesh, Ehong is one of the main partner!
Differences Between
Bluetooth 5 vs 4.2
Updated Trends for the Top
Bluetooth Emerging Markets
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Smart home
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Our mission is to add value to customer's products to create a wireless and smarter world where people will be able to live with more convenience and enjoy the device with the support of the professional Bluetooth technology we provide.
Professional Bluetooth Solution Provider
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Tel: 0086-21-64769993-203

Address: Room 501, No.485 Xingmei Road, Shanghai, China.