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Bluetooth Ver: Bluetooth 5.0
Transmit Power: +4dB
Receiver sensitivity: -96dB
Antenna: integrated antenna
Consumption: 4.6mA
Analogue I/O: 2 Chanel 12bits ADC
Power Supply: 1.8V-3.6V
Dimension: 7.0*7.0*1.4mm
Certifications: FCC,RED, CE, IC, RoHs

Product Overview

EH-ES201 is a low-power Bluetooth® 5 module. With ultra-small size and powerful features.Powered by a highly efficient 64MHz 32-bit ARM® Cortex ™ M4 CPU and 192 KBFlash + 24 KB RAM.

EH-ES201comes with a high-performance built-in antenna, which can connect up to 60m inan open environment. No external antenna is needed, and the ultra-small size of 7.0 * 7.0 * 1.4mm can reduce the PCB area requirements of customers' productsand help customers realize ultra-small products. At the same time, the ES201module can optionally support external antennas to meet customer requirementsfor antenna performance and layout in different occasions.

After purchasing EH-ES201, we will provide freetechnical support for the APP of the IOS system or the APP of the Androidsystem.

Quick Specifications

Development Kit

EH-ES201-EVK is designedbased on EH-ES201 module.

The development kitintegrates LED, reset button, IO interface, SWD. There are 7 IO ports.

It also has a richinterface and completeness to help customers easily complete productdevelopment and testing.

Document Download

Document Download


EH-ES201 Datasheet V1.3.pdf
EH-ES201 Evaluation kit datasheet   V1.2.pdf
EH-ES201 Command Interface User Guide V1.0.pdf
EH-ES201 Product Summary V1.3.pdf
EH-ES201 Data transmission standard version function description.pdf
EH-ES201 OTA  Operation Manual  V1.1.pdf
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