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Started our journey in the year 2008, dedicate in providing the right Bluetooth solution to our customer all over the world.
Rich experienced with varies applications.
From Bluetooth 4.0 all the way to Bluetooth 5.0
Support Big Data and Long Distance at the same time

Pin to Pin design with the classic modules
Low Consumption / Classic Data Transmission / Audio

You can find the solution for your project right here!
Working closely and continuous efforts with Qualcomm team on site for 5 months in San Francisco, the module WL501 had successfully connected to AIS of Amazon. With full function WiFi, ZigBee and Bluetooth, providing unlimited possibilities for the next generation of smart devices, also with competitive price. Cooperate with AliGenie of Alibaba, MC16/MC17 module is our new generation of Bluetooth 5.0, based on Realtek, with low consumpetion, support  big data and long distance at the same time. Very suitable for the popularization of smart home. Has accumulated a total of over 1 million modules.
Rich experience in Smart Home Projects, right product and solution to help!
The Mesh standards significantly increase the range and robustness of Bluetooth, extending its use to many new consumer, industrial, energy, and commercial applications, while maintaining backwards compatibility to the billions of Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets, and PCs that are already in the market.
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Ehong Audio Solution
The Ehong BLE modules family consists of five product variants which based on NORDIC, QUALCOMM, ST and REALTEK platform, designed to develop devices that use Bluetooth low energy.
Provide stable hardware that we are proud of, provide software and customized services. At the same time, it supports customers' independent research and development software and integrated packaging. Maximize customer's individual customization needs and security considerations
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