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Apple Find My Network Loss Prevention Solution

The Find My Network is a crowdsourced network of billions of Apple devices that use Bluetooth wireless technology to detect a lost device or item in the vicinity and report its approximate location to the owner.

Users can locate your items on a map using the Find My app on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. The entire process is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous, so no one, not even Apple or third-party manufacturers, can view the location or information about a device. And it's available as a free service to Apple device users.

Apple HomeKit

Apple Homekit domestic exclusive solution provider, one-stop solution, 6 years of Homekit technology experience team, support for IP Camera, air conditioning, lighting, locks, motors and other smart home solutions, seamless connection to the Apple ecosystem. Experience allows us to assist customers to shorten the development speed of 4-6 months development time, to assist customers to quickly pass the Homekit certification, accelerate the product launch!

Tmall Elf IoT

Tmall Genie IoT, a full series of intelligent products with Tmall Genie smart speaker and its derivative ecosystem, takes sound interaction and voice interaction as the core, and creates a multi-multiple interaction space for customers through various scenes. End-cloud synergy, to achieve cross-platform multi-terminal fast connection

About Us

Ehong Technology Co.,Ltd, a high-tech enterprise located in Shanghai, integrates R&D, production, testing and technical support, aiming to provide high-quality and low-cost wireless communication modules, fast and stable wireless solutions for enterprises and customers, and reduce the time, cost and risk of developing Apple solutions and IoT products. Its main solutions and products include Apple Find My, Apple Home Kit and other IoT solutions, as well as providing all kinds of Bluetooth modules that have been certified by CE, IC, FCC, RoHS, SIG, SRRC and so on.

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Ehong has passed multiple industry qualifications and product certifications.

We always provide professional, standard and standardised products and services to our customers.