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Ehong show 2016 Munich Electronic with Excelpoint

Ehong Information show CRS mesh network protocol in 2016 Munich Electronic fair, together with Excelpoint. It’s the first time Mesh2.0 demonstrated to public.

Mainly the protocol has 4 characteristics:

1.  Support Bluetooth and router seamless connecting, and realize the remote control, innovatively to solve the problem of the Bluetooth’s transmission distance limition.

2.   Ensure the data can be two-way transmission in safety, and ensure arriving on time. The device’s state can be indicated on APP.

3.   Single sensor linking to the protocol, ensure to send the data to the cloud service with low power consumption.

4.  Convenient grouping mode realize the different device can be communicated mutually. Then home intelligence can be realized in the home appliances.

Thanks very much for the attention of CSRmesh, also for your good ideas about application.

We will keep on working hard to take a more stable and convenient mesh to all.

Let’s work together for the IOT!

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