Wireless versions Bluetooth 4.2
Transmission power +8dB
Receiver sensitivity -90dB
Antennae Chip or U.FL
Electricity 2.7V-3.6V
Weights 1.7g
Sizes 30.4 x 15.26 x 2.4mm
Power consumption 22mA
Accreditation BQB,FCC,CE,NCC,KC,SRRC,Rohs
Module IntroductionModule parameters

The EH-MB18 is double Bluetooth module,compliant with Bluetooth3.0 and Bluetooth v4.0. The   module provides complete RF platform in a small form factor.

The module enables electronic devices with wireless connectivity,not requiring any RF experience or expertise for integration into the final product.The module being a certified solution optimizes the time to market of the final application.

Mechanical Data

●   Dimensions:     30.4*15.26*2.4mm

●   Weight:   1.2g

Radio Features

●   Fully   embedded   Bluetooth@v4.0(Smart ready)

●   Bluetooth@v3.0   specification   compliant

●   TX   power+8dbm,-90dbm   RX   sensitivity

●   128-bit   encryption   security

●   Range   up to   15m

●   Internal   chip   antenna   or   U.fl   port

User interface

●   Send   AT   command over   UART

●   Firmware   upgrade   over   USB

●   With   SPP   service   active:560kbps

transmission   speed   (UART)

●   PCM interface (12S,SPDIF)

●   |2C   interface(Master   ),SPI

Support profiles

●   SPP(Master   and   slave),iAP   (ipod accessory   protocol)

●   BLE(GATT   Profile)


Audio features

●   Optional support for 64Mb of external SPI flash   16Mb internal flash memory (64-bit


●   80MHz RISC MCU and 80MIPS Kalimba DSP

●   Support for CSR's latest CVC technology for narrow-band and wideband voice

connections including wind noise reduction

Support   Apt-X,AAC,Apt-XLL,SBC   codec

General l/O

●   13   eneral   purpose   l/Os

2 analogue VO

●   Support for   up to 3 capacitive touch sensor   inputs

● Three fully   configurable   LED   drivers

Electrical data

●   Power   supply(VCC):    3~3.6V

●   Standby,with   deep   sleep:    0.11mA

●   Connected   with   audio   streaming:35mA ·   Connected(Deep     sleep     on):0.5uA

●   Operating   temperature   range:-40   ℃ to 85 ℃


●   Bluetooth   BQB

●   FCC、CE、RoHs