Radio: Bluetooth 4.2
Output Power: +8dB
Receiver Sensitivity: -90dB
Antenna: Chip or U.FL
Supply Voltage: 2.7V-3.6V
Power Consumption: 22mA
Weigh: 1.7g
Dimensions: 30.4 x 15.26 x 2.4mm
Certification: BQB,FCC,CE,NCC,KC,SRRC,Rohs
Product introduction

EH-MB18 is a Bluetooth 3.0+4.0 dual-mode audio and data transmission module based on CSR8670 with built-in 16M flash, 80MIPS Kalimba DSP, enhanced audio and DSP applications (t Apt-X, AAC, Apt-XLL, SBC codec). Supports GATT, A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, SPP, iAP and PBAP features for connecting with smart devices.

The module's BLE and smartphone connection must use APP, Ehong can provide APP interface technical support, or you can directly download Ehong demo APP for testing.

Ehlink@ AT command set Through UART interface communication, designers can easily design different Bluetooth products according to their requirements, such as HS/HF, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP, HID, GATT and so on. In addition, the module's software supports TWS protocol, users can easily achieve two Bluetooth speakers synchronized music playback function, bringing you unparalleled music enjoyment!


  Module parameters                                                                                           

Wireless Features

Audio Features   

 Hardware Features

  • Bluetooth 3.0+4.0

  • Transmit Power: +8dBm

  • Receiving Sensitivity: -90dBm

  • RF input impedance: 50ohms

  • Maximum operating current: 30mA

  • Deep sleep current: 0.05mA

  • Integrated DSP

  • 64-bit stereo decoding

  • Analog, I2S, PCM and Microphone

  • Optional aptx@ ACC stereo decoding

  • Optional CVC@Echo Suppression

  • High-speed wideband

  • Host UART interface

  • Support lithium battery and lithium battery charging

  • Support software upgrade via USB

  • Temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃

  • Size: 30.4*15.26*2.4mm

  • Power supply: 2.7 -- 3.6V

      Software Features


  • Ehware's Bluetooth Protocol Stack    


  • SPP and Apple iAP


  • ASCII serial communication

  • BQB

  • FCC,IC


  • SRRC

  • Rohs

     Development of evaluation boards                                                                                     

EH-MEVK-001 development evaluation board is provided with complete EH-MB18 module interface features,

USB, SPI, headphone, and microphone interfaces are supported, and a quick manual guide allows you to get up and running in

A quick manual guide allows you to get up and running and run the module in minutes to test and evaluate product performance.

For more information about the evaluation board, please click EH-MEVK-001

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What Bluetooth solutions does NextBright offer?

We offer a full range of Bluetooth solutions: Bluetooth data transfer (classic Bluetooth), Bluetooth audio and low power Bluetooth. We also have a multimode solution with built-in Bluetooth + wifi + Zigbee + AWS and support for Alexa voice services.

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Oh good question! We are always happy to help new customers, please contact us with your company information and we will provide you with a free sample of the module!
In order to provide high quality service and to ensure express safety and timeliness, we use SF Express for samples and bulk shipments.

Yes, our FAE will send you the relevant documentation and maintain close communication to solve any problems you may encounter. We provide free self-developed standard software in which you can implement common functions, and if you wish, we can also provide you with SDK and guidance materials for secondary development.

Usually samples within 100 pieces will be shipped within 1-3 days. Bulk production usually takes 3-5 weeks.

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