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Bluetooth Ver: Bluetooth 4.1
Transmit Power: +7.5dB
Receiver sensitivity: -96dB
Antenna: Chip or U.FL
Consumption: 16mA@0dB
Analogue I/O: 3 Chanel  10bits ADC
Power Supply: 1.8V-3.6V
Dimension: 17.70 x 11.95x 2.2mm

EH-MC10 Bluetooth low energy single mode module is a single mode device targeted for low power sensors and accessories.   The module offer all Bluetooth low energy features:radio,stack,profiles and application,so no external provides flexible hardware interfaces to connect sensors,simple user interfaces or even displays directly to the module.                 

The module can be powered directly with a standard 3V coin cell batteries or pair of AAA batteries.In lowest power sleep mode it consumes only 600nA and will wake up in few hundred microseconds.

The latest SDK supports CSR mesh function, to be self-network, and then achieve more than 65,000 nodes control. In additional, the module also support master and slave mode, bypass transmit, Wechat communication protocol. Mainly it's used in intelligent hardware, medical equipment, industrial control, Beacon and so on:

EH-MC10 contains two kinds of version via different antenna interface:

the built ceramic antenna (EH-MC10)

extenral U.FL interface (EH-MC10B)


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  Key Features                                                      

   Radio Feature:

   Bluetooth Features: Hardware Features:
  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy radio

  • Transmit maximum power: +9 dBm

  • Receiver sensitivity: -92.5dBm

  • Integrated antenna

  • TX peak current: 18.2mA

  • RX peak current: 14.3mA

  • Dormant current: <600nA

  • Bluetooth Smart Support

  • L2CAP,ATT,GATT,GAP and Security

  • Bluetooth Smart Profiles

  • Slave and master mode

  • Up to 8connections in master mode

  • 100Kbps + throughput

  • Over-the-Air firmware upgrade

  • UART host inferface

  • SPI,I2C,PWM,UART,GPIO peripheral

  • 10-bit ADC IOs

  • Temperature range: -30℃ to +80℃

  • Dimensions: 17.7*11.95*2.2 mm

  • Power supply: 1.8- 3.6V

  • U.FL port

   Software Features:   MCU Features:   Certification:
  • Ehware's host protocol

  • Embedded Ehware's Bluetooth Smart           Stack

  • ATCMD for standalone applications

  • Ehware's profile toolkit for developing    Bluetooth Smart profile

  • 8051 microcontroller

  • 256kB or 512kB E2PROM

  • BQB
  • CE,RoHs
  • FCC, IC

  Development Kit                                                   

MC10 EVK.jpg

EH-MEVK-MC10-002 is the development evaluation board, providing the complete interface features of EH-MC10.

The Quick Start Guide guides you to launch and run the modules within minutes to test and evaluate the modules' performance.

More data, please click: EH-MEVK-MC10-002

Document Download

Document Download


EH-MC10 Datasheet V2.4.pdf
EH-MC10 Product Brief.pdf
EH-MC10 Command interface User Guiide V1.7.pdf

A.Q: How to use EH-MC10?

Answer:EH-MC10 is a bluetooth single-mode data module. If you are connected to a mobile phone, you can use the APP to search for bluetooth devices and establish a connection.Compared to traditional bluetooth, you can't find the device in the hardware Settings.

B.Q: How do I power EH-MC10 to work?

Answer: According to the wiring mode in the specification, power supply to the module, VBAT, VDD_PIO power supply, wake_up feet are low.Connect the serial port so that the      module can work properly, and many people ignore the power supply of VDD_PIO.

C. Q: What is the serial port rate of EH-MC10, and why I can't work properly after changing the serial port rate?

Answer: the serial port rate of eh-mc10 is 2400bps, and the module can only automatically wake up the module under the serial port rate of 2400bps.If you want to change the       serial port rate, you can do it by the AT command, AT+BR= parameter, and then send AT+RT to reset the module.After restart is the new serial port rate communication.In            particular, it is important to note that after changing the serial port rate, wake_up of the module is pulled up before sending the data.

D.Q: Do you have a matching APP test?

Answer: You can use apple mobile phone in the APPstore to download "EHONG Link" app. The android mobile phone to download please click     Id =113, download the android test APP,, at the bottom of the test APP and drive.

E. Q: How does EH-MC10 switch AT command mode and transmission mode when used?

Answer: MC10 module under AT instruction mode, can modify the display name, baud rate and other functions;Transferring data in the pass-through mode does not require adding AT, but cannot modify other parameters with the AT instruction.Switch between the two: AT command mode, enter AT+BY=0003,switch to command mode;In the pass-through mode, enter AT+BY=0000 and enter the AT instruction mode.Note that the AT command switch is required when the module is disconnected.

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