EHMB630 is a costeffective voice AIOT module with WiFi+Bluetooth support. It is based on Ali TG6210A chip with integrated RISC-V CPU, floating point unit, vector unit, cache, DMA and memory for core control, wireless communication and audio application. The multimedia subsystem includes an audio codec and display port, and an integrated Bluetooth & WIFI antenna on the PCB. It supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi protocol and BLE MESH.

The module is mainly used for smart home appliances, home automation and many other smart IoT applications, and can be connected to WiFi via "Tmall Genie APP" to realize voice control and MESH applications.


 Module Parameters                                                                                                         

    Wireless Features

  • WiFI+Bluetooth 5.1

  • Maximum transmission power: +4 dBm

  • Receive sensitivity: -96 dBm

  • Integrated Antenna

  • Frequency range: 2402-2480MHz

  • WiFi/Bluetooth coexistence

  • Integrated balun, PA/LNA

   Audio Features   Hardware Features

  • ADC*3(MIC*3)

  • DAC*1(Speaker)

  • Sampling rate 8-96KHZ, 24bit

  • Support 2-channel analog MIC input

  • Support 2-channel audio output

  • Support 2-way digital MIC input

  • UART Host Interface


  • 12-bit ADC

  • Temperature range: -30℃ to +80℃

  • Size: 30*24*2.2mm

  • Operating voltage: 1.4-3.6V

    Software Features

Microcontroller (MCU) Features


  • Embedding Next Rainbow Ehware's protocol

  • Tmall Genie online voice protocol

  • Low-power transmissions protocol

  • EVK kit for developing Tmall Eco

  • Multi-core RISC-V processor

  • 700KB SRAM

  • 32Mb pSRAM

  • 2K eFuse

  • 64Mb Flash

  • BQB
  • SRRC

    Develop evaluation boards                                                                                                               

The EH-MEVK-002 development evaluation board provides a complete set of interface features for the EH-MB630 module,

USB, SPI, headphone, and microphone interfaces are supported, and a quick manual guide allows you to get up and running in

A quick manual guide allows you to get up and running and run the module in minutes to test and evaluate product performance.

For more information about the evaluation board, please click EH-MEVK-001