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Bluetooth Ver: Bluetooth2.1+EDR
Transmit Power: +4dB
Receiver sensitivity: -84dB
Antenna: PCB on Board
Consumption: 35mA
Power Supply: 2.7V-3.6V
Dimension: 25.8 x 13.4 x 2.2mm
Certifications: BQB,FCC,CE,Rohs

EH-MA41 is a class II Bluetooth2.1+EDR(Enhance Data Rates) Module. It is a highly integrated and sophisticated module which contains all the necessary elements from radio to antenna and a fully implemented protocol stack. It is an ideal solution for integrating Bluetooth into various products with limited knowledge of Bluetooth and RF technologies.

With Ehware's AT command stack firmware , designers can easily customize their applications to support different Bluetooth profiles, such as SPP,HID,iAP etc.




   Key Features                                                             

Radio Features:

                        Software Features:


Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
● Transmit Power: +4 dBm
● Receiver Sensitivity: -84dBm
● Integrated Antenna
● Max Data Rate: 60Kbytes/S
● Line-of-sight Range: 10-1m

● Frequency: 2.042GHz to     2480GHz

                  ● Ehware's Bluetooth Stack

                  ● 13 Bluetooth Profiles

                   ● Apple iAP Support

                   ● Up to 8 connections in master mode

Hardware Features:                                                     Certification:

UART and USB host inferface                                 ● Bluetooth BQB

● Audio inerfaces: PCM                                             ● CE,FCC

●Temperature Range: -45℃ to +85℃                         ● RoHs

● Dimensions: 25*13.4*2.2 mm

● Power Supply: 2.7- 3.6V

     Development Kit                                                                          

EH-MEVK-001 is the development evaluation board, providing the complete interface features of EH-MA41.

The Quick Start Guide guides you to launch and run the modules within minutes, to test and evaluate the modules' performance.

More data, please click:   EH-MEVK-001

Document Download

Document Download


EH-MA41 Datasheet V2.2.pdf
EH-MA41 Control Interface User Guide Ver0.2.pdf

A. Q: Why is the rf distance of eh-ma41 very close?

Answer:In the drawing board special attention to the antenna can not cover copper.Ensure that copper and antenna have a certain distance, please refer to the drawing board of the antenna clearance area in the specification.The other is whether there are metal objects in your structure, which will also block the radiation of the module's antenna.

B. Q: How do I use the eh-ma41 bluetooth module?

Answer: Our module to his work is simple, to the module power supply (GND, VDD), connect a serial port can bring in the normal work of the module, special attention should be paid to the module of serial voltage is 3.3 V so the consistent with the serial port of MCU level.After the power generation on the module, the serial port will output a series of data. After seeing the data,the customer can use the serial command to control the module.

C.Q:How can I search for bluetooth devices?

Answer:The module is visible within 2 minutes after the last charge, and if it cannot be found after the timeout, the customer needs to send AT+MD to make the module visible.Or use AT+FT to make the module disconnected and visible after the connection is

not visible.

D.Q: Why is bluetooth module not connected to SPP, iAP or HID?

Answer:First of all, we need to determine the protocol of communication with module.We can switch the supported protocol through AT+PF.If an iAP protocol is to be used,this requires an additional MFI encryption chip to establish a connection.

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