EH-MC17 is a Bluetooth low power module based on Realtek 8762 chip designed for low power sensor and data transmission. It integrates all the features required for Bluetooth 5.0 applications, including Bluetooth radio, software stack and GATT based specifications, enabling large data 2M bps transmission, long range transmission, and stable small data transmission between modules and modules over 200 meters in open conditions.

The EH-MC17 module can also host end-user applications, which means that no external microcontroller is required for size or price constrained devices. In addition, it has a flexible hardware interface for connecting different peripherals and sensors, supports simple display functions, and can be powered directly from a standard 3V coin cell or a pair of AAA batteries. In the lowest power sleep mode, it consumes only 450 nA and can be woken up in a few hundred microseconds.

The latest SDK can support SIGMesh function, which can be self-organized to control more than 65,000 nodes. In addition, the module also supports master-slave mode and pass-through mode protocols. Mainly used in smart hardware, medical equipment, industrial control, Beacon, etc.

The module supports Ali's Tmall Genie ecosystem and is an official Ali certified module,which has been used in smart lights, sockets, switches, heaters, fans, body fat scales, etc.

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 Wireless Features

Bluetooth Features

 Hardware Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0 low power radio

  • Transmission Power: +8 dBm

  • Receive sensitivity: -97 dBm

  • Ceramic antenna or external UFL

  • TX peak current: 7.6mA

  • RX peak current: 6.8mA

  • Sleep mode current: <450nA

  • Support Bluetooth 5.0


  • LE 2M bps

  • Long range module (>200m)

  • Support 3 masters and 4 slaves mode

  • Up to 8 connections under master-slave integration

  • Support SIG Mesh


  • 12-bit ADC

  • Temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃

  • Dimension: 17.7*11.95*2.2 mm

  • Operating voltage: 1.8- 3.3V


Software Features


Microcontroller (MCU) Features


  • Embedded NextHong Ehware's Protocol Stack

  • BLE Mesh Protocol

  • Ehware's ATCMD Standard Instructions

  • EVK Kit for developing Bluetooth 5.0 specification

  • ARM@Cortex-M4 processor

  • 160KB SRAM

  • 4M Flash

  • BQB



  • RoHs

    Develop evaluation boards                                                                                                                                                

EVK .png

EVK .pngThe EH-MEVK-MC17 development evaluation board is provided with a complete set of EH-MC17 module interface features. A quick manual guide allows you to get up and running and run the module in minutes to test and evaluate product performance.